What Do You want to  Be, Do or Have
in 2019?  Get Help to Achieve
The Personal Success You Want.


Are You an H.C.Q.P.I ?

It's time to become a High Calibre Quantum Potential Individual & achieve your personal goals & objectives for 2019

Count, Monitor & Measure Your confidence, progress & results - Daily.

​​Identify, Pursue & Achieve Personal Success For The Year Ahead With Our Unique Course.

What Makes Us Different


24 x Practical Sessions

Each Session is split into 3 parts so that you can read, relate, assimilate & apply in your life - daily.


Progress Evaluation System

Count, monitor & measure your progress - daily. Revisit Your Plan - every single week.


Each Session - Part One

You are introduced to key concepts, principles and an exercise for you to apply what you learned.


Each Session - Part Two.

Question & Answers to ensure you remember and apply what you learned in part one


Each Session - Part Three

Confirm the progress you've made since your last session and document it to share with others.


Powerful, Practical Techniques

That you can apply in all areas of your life - health, relationships, career, self-employment .  You decide.


FREE 1-2-1 with Fraser

Get a FREE Catalyst Session to brainstorm and discuss your goals with Fraser in a live 1-2-1.


Additional Help, Guidance & Support

The offer of on-going practical help as a member of Grow Your Business Club.


What Others Are Saying:


Gavin O'Brien

 (Wealth Management Company)

"Just one of his practical techniques is already generating results and assisting us to generate an extra £5m+ in funds under management this year.

 I recommend his coaching expertise to any company or individual that needs to sharpen their marketing skills to deliver a marketing plan that work".                                        

Zhe Scott

The SEO Queen

"When I built a digital marketing agency from $0 to $500,000 in recurring income I heavily relied on the strategic insight from Mr. Fraser Hay.

His books are an integral part of my reference library.“ 

George Wallace

aka "The Ebay Guy" (Online Retailer)

"With his help, I’m now on track to completing and publishing my 3rd book on Amazon, approaching 18,000 positive feedbacks on eBay, and a Linkedin Profile that keeps attracting more views and connections every day. What started as a part-time business is now a £160,000+ enterprise and growing every day.”

A Dream With a Date Becomes a Goal.

A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes a Plan.

A Plan That Is Actioned Becomes a Reality.

To Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality…

…Take the First Steps TODAY….

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