Struggling to write a Business Plan?  Get help to write yours in 90 minutes or less.


In Just 90 Minutes...

You could save valuable time, effort and money by confirming that your new business idea will succeed. 

Develop a laser like focus to document your business idea and share it with others.

​Document Your Model, Vision, Strategy & Revenue Streams in 90 Minutes or Less


What Makes Us Different


7 x Insightful Videos 

We have produced 7 practical videos to educate you on the essential components of your plan


Study Guide & Workbook

A practical workbook to help you take notes as you summarise your idea into 7 essential key areas.


Fill-In-The-Blanks Template

Summarise your plan as succinctly as possible with our concise template to help you stay focused.


Calculators & Worksheets

Let our tools do the essential calculations for you so you don't have to.


Personal Finances

Get help to calculate your net worth  and monthly survival budget for your first 12 months.


Confirm You Need Investment or Not

Decide whether you need start-up capital or not. Get help to calculate how much you really need. 


Investor Pitch Deck Presentation

Receive our Bonus Pitch Deck to help you sell your idea to stakeholders, shareholders & investors.


10 Alternate Sources of Funding

Simple yet practical sources of funding & finance that you may not yet have thought of.


How to Find Customers

Discover practical and insightful ways to find a hungry market of people wanting what you offer.


Marketing Evaluation System

A simple and powerful tool to help you evaluate your current and future marketing approach.


FREE 1-2-1 with Fraser

Get a FREE Catalyst Session to brainstorm and discuss your idea with Fraser in a live 1-2-1.


Additional Help, Guidance & Support

The offer of on-going practical help as a member of Grow Your Business Club.

What Others Are Saying:


Gavin O'Brien

 (Wealth Management Company)

"Just one of his practical techniques is already generating results and assisting us to generate an extra £5m+ in funds under management this year.

 I recommend his coaching expertise to any company or individual that needs to sharpen their marketing skills to deliver a marketing plan that work".                                        

Zhe Scott

The SEO Queen

"When I built a digital marketing agency from $0 to $500,000 in recurring income I heavily relied on the strategic insight from Mr. Fraser Hay.

His books are an integral part of my reference library.“ 

George Wallace

aka "The Ebay Guy" (Online Retailer)

"With his help, I’m now on track to completing and publishing my 3rd book on Amazon, approaching 18,000 positive feedbacks on eBay, and a Linkedin Profile that keeps attracting more views and connections every day. What started as a part-time business is now a £160,000+ enterprise and growing every day.”


A Dream With a Date Becomes a Goal.

A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes a Plan.

A Plan That Is Actioned Becomes a Reality.

To Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality…

…Take the First Steps TODAY….

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